Summer 2016

Augustine Beard 

Major: History
Faculty Mentor: Mark Carey
Project Title: Colonial-Environmental Narrative of the Great Basin in the 19th Century

Ayantu Megerssa

Major: International Studies
Faculty Mentor: Kevin Hatfield
Project Title: Genocide and the Northern Paiute: A History of Colonization, Dehumanization, and Extermination

Bryce Keicher

Major: International Studies and Spanish
Faculty Mentor: Dan Tichenor
Project Title: Mexican Drug War: Displacement and Human Rights Affects on Guatemalan Refugees

Drew Jordan McLaughlin

Major: Linguistics
Faculty Mentor: Melissa Baese-Berk
Project Title: Individual Differences in Perception of Variation in Speech

Eugenia Lollini

Major: Anthropology and Romance Languages
Faculty Mentor: Carol Silverman
Project Title: Before the Spectacle: Shaping Gender and Class Identity in Beirut’s Beauty Salons

Hanna McIntosh

Major: Environmental Science and Biology
Faculty Mentor: Matt Streisfeld
Project Title: Genetic architecture of local adaptation and reproductive isolation in Mimulus aurantiacus

Johnathan Crandall

Major: Biology
Faculty Mentor: William Cresko
Project Title: The Genomic Architecture of Adaptive Divergence in G. aculeatus

Justine Vanloan Nguyen

Major: Human Physiology
Faculty Mentor: Kryn Stankunas
Project Title: VEGF Signaling Contributions to Heart Ventricle Development

Michael McIntosh

Major: Economics
Faculty Mentor: Anca Cristea
Project Title: Localized Economic Impacts of Immigration on the West Coast

Michael Womack

Major: Physics and Mathematics
Faculty Mentor: Greg Bothun
Project Title: Wavelet Analysis of the PNI Climate Index

Sally Elizabeth Claridge

Major: Biology
Faculty Mentor: Patrick Phillips
Project Title: Genomic Analysis of the Chronic Heat Stress Resistance Phenotype in Caenorhabditis remanei

Taryn Kawashima

Major: Biochemistry
Faculty Mentor: Ramesh Jasti
Project Title: Carbon Nanohoops as New Bioimaging Probes