In this edition of the UO Undergraduate Research Opportunity Highlight we look at the Nomad Mentorship Program (NOMAD) in the Department of Comparative Literature.

Overview: The Nomad program offers energetic undergraduate scholars the chance to hone their critical chops, refine their research skills and receive the kind of intensive, one-on-one mentoring that will help to mature life-long writing skills, and develop confidence in young scholars. Under the close mentorship of participating graduate students and faculty, students are supported through the process of conceiving, refining, writing, and editing their work over a nine month period, preparing their work for publication in the nomad journal, and presentation at the annual Nomad Undergraduate Conference.

Contact: Robert Moore ( and Daria Smirnova (


        • Open to all UO students with interest in writing and comparative literature.


        • Contact Mentorship Coordinators.