In this edition of the UO Undergraduate Research Opportunity Highlight we look at the UO R25 Program.

Overview: The University of Oregon R25 Summer Research Program (R25 SRP) offers fellowship opportunities for undergraduates to participate in ongoing National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD) funded research in a mentored research program.

The R25 Summer Research Program offers a broad span of research areas to chose from. Topics include biochemistry, biophysics, molecular biology, neuroscience, molecular biology, human physiology, linguistics, and psychology. To learn more about the faculty and their specializations, view the participating labs.

Positions are awarded to selected undergraduate researchers who have been working and will continue to work in a supported research laboratory. Space is very limited and awards are competitive.

The UO R25 selection committee looks for people who exhibit creativity, motivation, diligence, native intelligence, integrity, broad interests, an interest in the specific research at the University of Oregon, and an upbeat outlook, among other things. They try to choose candidates who would benefit most from this intensive program.

Contact: Peter O’Day (


        • Completed at least one year of undergraduate coursework by summer of internship
        • Be an undergraduate in good standing
        • Strongly  motivate to participate in ongoing research projects
        • U.S. citizens or permanent residents


        • There is not a hard deadline. Selections are made at the beginning of Spring term.