The 6th Annual UO Undergraduate Symposium is just under two weeks away. In anticipation of the event we are providing a preview of what is in store this year.

Quick Facts:

Date:     Friday, May 20, 2016
Location:     Global Scholars Hall
Time:     3:00 pm – 7:45 pm (see full schedule below)

Total presentations:     186 (a new record!)
Total presenters and co-presenters:     236 
Total faculty mentors:     213
Total majors represented:     58

Poster presentations:     97 (63%)
Oral presentations:     61 (33%)
Creative work projects:     9 (5%)

Science projects:     84 (45%)
Social science projects:     51 (27.5%)
Humanities projects:     37 (20%)
Fine Arts projects:     14 (7.5%)

Seniors:     115 (62%)
Juniors:     51 (27.5%)
Sophomores:     14 (7.5%)
First-Year Students:     6 (3%)

Symposium Schedule:

Registration/Check-in Opens         8:00 am

Concurrent Oral Session 1          3:15 pm – 5:00 pm

Session 1a, GSH 103
Life at the Molecular Level

Session 1b, GSH 117
Identity, Culture, and Control: Presentations by the Humanities Undergraduate Research Fellows

Session 1c, GSH 130
Breaking the mold: Perception of Women in Society

Session 1d, GSH 131
Telling Tales: Stories of Heroes, Myths, and Monsters

Session 1e, GSH 132
Understanding Ourselves Through Popular Culture, Conflict, and Cooperation

Session 1f, Bean West Conference Room
The Intersection of Literature and Identity

Session 1g, Bean Moore Conference Room
Looking at the Past: Classics and Medieval Studies

Session 1h, Bean East Conference Room
What We Can Learn by Looking at the Body: Feet, Teeth, and THC

Reception and Remarks from Provost Coltrane and Vice Provost Freinkel        5:00 pm

Poster Session          5:30 pm – 7:30 pm

97 posters and creative work installations on display in the GSH Great Room, GSH Main Hallway, GSH Library Commons, GSH Mezzanine Level, and GSH 113-116

See a map of GSH. 

Concurrent Oral Session 2          6:00 pm – 7:30 pm

Session 2a, GSH 103
Language, Phonetics, and Narratives Around the World

Session 2b, GSH 117
Decolonizing Research: The Northern Paiute History Project

Session 2c, GSH 130
Stirring the Imagination

Session 2d, GSH 131
Health and Diseases

Session 2e, GSH 132
Governmental and Societal Factors that Shape Our Understanding of Gender

Session 2f, Bean West Conference Room
Matter Matters: Answering Questions at a Molecular Level

Session 2g, Bean Moore Conference Room
Medieval to Modern: Evolution of the Justice System

Session 2h, Bean East Conference Room
Humans and Their Interactions with Nature

Established in 2010, the UO Undergraduate Symposium celebrates the remarkable contributions undergraduates make to research and creative scholarship in a wide range of disciplines. The Undergraduate Symposium is hosted by the Division of Undergraduate Studies, the Center for Multicultural Academic Excellence, University Housing, the Robert D. Clark Honors College, the UO Libraries, the Office of Equity and Inclusion, the Division of Student Affairs, and the Vice President for Research and Innovation. For more information about the Undergraduate Symposium, visit