UO undergraduate researchers examining everything from Beirut beauty salons to wavelet analysis of the PNI climate index to genocide and the Northern Paiute have received Vice President for Research and Innovation Undergraduate Fellowships for the summer of 2016.

The awards are distributed annually by the Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program within the Office of the Vice President for Research and Innovation. Designed to stimulate promising undergraduate research and scholarly activity under the mentorship of UO faculty members, the awards support scholarship, creative projects and quantitative or qualitative research from all disciplinary backgrounds. Undergraduate fellows receive a $5,000 stipend to support their work during the summer.

Fellowship applications were open to all undergraduate students who had a fully developed project and a faculty member who would serve as their mentor during the fellowship period. Recipients were selected through competitive review by the Research Advisory Board’s UROP Subcommittee.

The 2016 VPRI Undergraduate Fellowship recipients are:

  • Augustine Beard, History, Mark Carey (faculty mentor), “Colonial-Environmental Narrative of the Great Basin in the 19th Century”
  • Sally Elizabeth Claridge, Biology, Patrick Phillips (faculty mentor), “Genomic Analysis of the Chronic Heat Stress Resistance Phenotype in Caenorhabditis remanei”
  • Johnathan Crandall, Biology, William Cresko (faculty mentor), “The Genomic Architecture of Adaptive Divergence in G. aculeatus”
  • Taryn Kawashima, Biochemistry, Ramesh Jasti (faculty mentor), “Carbon Nanohoops as New Bioimaging Probes”
  • Bryce Keicher, International Studies and Spanish, Dan Tichenor (faculty mentor), “Mexican Drug War: Displacement and Human Rights Affects on Guatemalan Refugees”
  • Eugenia Lollini, Anthropology and Romance Languages, Carol Silverman (faculty mentor), “Before the Spectacle: Shaping Gender and Class Identity in Beirut’s Beauty Salons”
  • Hanna McIntosh, Environmental Science and Biology, Matt Streisfeld (faculty mentor), “Genetic architecture of local adaptation and reproductive isolation in Mimulus aurantiacus”
  • Michael McIntosh, Economics, Anca Cristea (faculty mentor), “Localized Economic Impacts of Immigration on the West Coast”
  • Drew Jordan McLaughlin, Linguistics, Melissa Baese-Berk (faculty mentor), “Individual Differences in Perception of Variation in Speech”
  • Ayantu Megerssa, International Studies, Kevin Hatfield (faculty mentor), “Genocide and the Northern Paiute: A History of Colonization, Dehumanization, and Extermination”
  • Justine Vanloan Nguyen, Human Physiology, Kryn Stankunas (faculty mentor), “VEGF Signaling Contributions to Heart Ventricle Development”
  • Michael Womack, Physics and Mathematics, Greg Bothun (faculty mentor), “Wavelet Analysis of the PNI Climate Index”

Visit the VPRI Undergraduate Fellowship website for more detailed information.