Fifteen UO undergraduate students have been selected as recipients of the UROP Mini-grant award and the Humanities Undergraduate Research Fellowship. The Mini-grant award provides financial support to undergraduates conducting research, creative scholarship or work on an innovative project. The Humanities Undergraduate Research Fellowship provides students with a stipend to conduct research during the winter and spring terms under the guidance of a UO faculty mentor.

Nine UO undergraduate students have been selected as Mini-grant recipients. The awardees were selected from a pool of applications coming from a range of majors including anthropology, biology, earth sciences, English, journalism, and computer and information sciences. The awards will be used to assist students with purchasing supplies, materials and/or equipment that are necessary to complete their projects, or to assist with paying for travel to conduct research.

The fall 2016 Mini-grant Awardees (and their majors) are Anupama Deodhar (computer & information science), Austin Robinette (earth sciences), Brianna Kendrick (anthropology), Hanna McIntosh (biology), Chris Ableidinger (journalism and accounting), Sally Claridge (biology), Lauren Amaro (English), Maria Sarao (biology and spanish), and Nora Sawyer (biological anthropology)  For a complete list of recipients’ projects visit the Mini-grant website.

The six Humanities Undergraduate Research Fellowship recipients are Bryce Keicher, Drew Mclaughlin, Eugenia Lollini, Francesca Fontana, Iago Bojczuk, and Keegan Williams-Thomas.  The selected projects will focus on a variety of topics including Cuban migration, historical shifts in research methodology of nonnative speech, gender and class in Beirut, investigative memoir and social media in participatory politics. The fellows will conduct research over sixteen weeks during the winter and spring term while participating in monthly programming on topics such as communicating research and career pathways for humanities scholars. For a complete list of recipients and their respective projects visit the HURF website.

The Mini-grant and HURF recipients will submit their work for presentation at the 2017 UO Undergraduate Symposium on Thursday, May 18, 2017 in the EMU.