2017 Peter O’Day Fellows Selected

Four pairs of UO undergraduate-graduate researchers in the biological sciences have been selected as recipients of the Peter O’Day Fellowship in Biological Sciences.

The awards are distributed annually by the Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program within the Office of the Vice President for Research and Innovation. Designed to stimulate promising undergraduate research and scholarly activity under the mentorship of UO graduate student, the awards support biological science research. Undergraduate fellows receive a $5,000 stipend to support their work during the summer as do their graduate student mentors.

Fellowship applications were open to all undergraduate students who had a fully developed project in the biological sciences and a graduate student who would serve as their mentor during the fellowship period.

The 2017 O’Day Fellowship recipients are:

  • Diana Nguyen and Gabriel Yette, Investigating the Role of Ezh2 in heart Development and Homeostasis
  • Tabor Whitney and Diana Christie, Effects of Relatedness and Habitat Fragmentation on Gut Microbial Diversity in an Endangered Primate
  • Jardon Weems and Nicholas Ponvert, Effect of reward size on the activity of auditory cortical neurons
  • Carolyn Brewster and James McDermott, Nuclear Genetic Regulation of PsbA

Visit the O’Day Fellowship website for more detailed information.