Winter 2019 Mini-grant Recipients

UROP is pleased to announce the recipients of the winter 2019 Mini-grant Awards. For more information about the recipients and their projects visit the Mini-grant website

Elizabeth Baach

Major: Environmental Science  Faculty Mentor: Lauren Hallett 

Project Title: Nitrogen Composition in Native and Invasive Plants in Relation to Ant Mounds in Serpentine Grasslands


Payton Bruni

Major: Journalism   Faculty Mentor: Peter Laufer 

Project Title: Press Freedom in Oman


Adie Fecker

Major: Biology  Faculty Mentor: Phillip Washbourne 

Project Title: Sensory Conditions Important for Social Orienting in Zebrafish


Takako Iwashita

Major: Psychology   Faculty Mentor: Dasa Zeithamova Demircan 

Project Title: How the Effects of Negative Emotions on Associative Memory Change Over Time


Bry Moore

Major: Political Science  Faculty Mentor: Dan Tichenor 

Project Title: Seeking Insite: Harm Reduction and Humanizing Drug Use


Calvin Penkauskas

Major: Biology and Environmental Science  Faculty Mentor: Lauren Hallett 

Project Title: Resolving conflict between oak conservation and organic hazelnut production


Jaycie Schenone

Major: Journalism   Faculty Mentor: Ed Madison 

Project Title: Out of Bounds


Michael Silver

Major: Finance  Faculty Mentor: Kate Harmon

Project Title: Social Isolation: Which aspects of Social Media are at Fault?


Kayla Thomet

Major: Public Relations  Faculty Mentor: Dean Mundy

Project Title: Communicating Change: A study of current and proposed communication strategies for prompting individual behavior towards ocean conservation


Sierra Webster

Major: Journalism  Faculty Mentor: Lori Shontz

Project Title: Sports Media and the Seattle Storm