2019 O’Day Fellowship in Biological Sciences Recipients

UROP is pleased to announce the recipients of the 2019 O’Day Fellowship in Biological Sciences. For more information about the program visit the O’Day Fellowship website

The awards are distributed annually by the Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program within the Office of the Vice President for Research and Innovation. Designed to stimulate promising undergraduate research and scholarly activity under the mentorship of UO graduate student, the awards support biological science research.

The 2019 O’Day Fellowship recipients are:

Undergraduate: Emily Hill    Graduate: Kaye Shek

Title: Linking mycorrhizal fungal diversity with pathogen abundances in a vineyard agroecosystem

PI Lab: Krista McGuire


Undergraduate: Jeanette Helgerson    Graduate: Doug Foote

Title: Differences in Old and Young Patient Myoblast and Myotube Responses to Amino Acid Stimulation

PI Lab: Hans Dreyer


Undergraduate: Rennie Kendrick    Graduate: Lea Frank

Title: The Effect of Blocked vs. Interleaved Training on Associative Inference

PI Lab: Dasa Zeithamova


Undergraduate: Sydney Kobak  Graduate: Dylan Sieck

Title: Histamine and Cardiovascular Adaptation to Endurance Exercise

PI Lab: John Hailliwill