Alumni Support

Undergraduate research is considered a high-impact practice for good reason. It brings students in contact with some of the hallmarks of a liberal arts education, introduces them to the enthralling world of research and discovery, and allows them to work side-by-side with the outstanding university faculty.


Many of the more than 195,000 UO alumni continue to conduct research in the academic, public, and private sectors while maintaining close connections to the faculty and departments that they worked with here in Eugene.  Even more are utilizing the highly transferable knowledge and skills developed through research experiences in their professional and personal lives.

That is the beauty of undergraduate research and creative scholarship – whether a student intends to go to graduate school or enter the workforce after graduation, the skills gained through conducting research make them more experienced, marketable, and employable.

There are many ways in which alumni can contribute to undergraduate research or UROP. Visit the UO Research and Innovation development website to find out how.