Knight Campus Undergraduate Scholars Recipients

2019-2020 Recipents

Russell Nickels

Major: Human Physiology     Mentor: Hazel Fargher     Lab: Darren Johnson and Michael Haley

Designing Supramolecular Receptors for Reversible Binding of the Hydroselenide (HSe–) Anion

Michelle Hernandez

Major: Biology     Mentor: Kelly Hyland     Lab: Bob Guldberg

3D Printing-Compatible BioMaterials for Musculoskeletal Regeneration

Ian Torrence

Major: Biochemistry     Mentor: Sean Fontenot     Lab: Darren Johnson

Sensors and Materials for In-field Soil Analysis of Nitrate and Other Ions

Robin Black

Major: Biology     Mentor: Michelle Massaquoi     Lab:Karen Guillemin

Investigating the Impact of a Bacterial Derived Bio-molecule on Host Beta Cell Regeneration

Emily Niebergall

Major: Biology     Mentor: Emily Beck     Lab: Bill Cresko

Threespine Stickleback as a evolutionary mutant model of Hermanksy-Pudlak Syndrome and Crohn’s Disease

Dan Tudorica

Major: Biochemistry     Mentor: Arden Perkins     Lab: Karen Guillemin

Determining the Molecular Mechanism of Bleach Sensing by Bacterial Chemoreceptor Zinc-Binding Protein Domains