O’Day Fellowship Recipients

2018 O'Day Fellowship Recipients

Undergraduate: Chaucie Edwards     Graduate: Matthew Ely

Title: Effect of Histamine on Post-Exercise Capillary Permeability

PI Lab: John Halliwill

Undergraduate: Brynna Paros     Graduate: Jonathan Saunders

Title: Reopening Auditory Critical Periods by Digesting Perineuronal Nets

PI Lab: Michael Wehr

Undergraduate: Kieley Trempy    Graduate: Kate Spitzley

Title: The Role of Handedness in Visuoproprioceptive Tasks

PI Lab: Andrew Karduna

Undergraduate: Emil Sadofsky    Graduate: Matthew Schultz

Title: The Effects of Restoration on Greenhouse Gas Flux in Pacific Northwest Estuaries

PI Lab: Scott Bridgham

2017 O'Day Fellowship Recipients

Undergraduate: Diana Nguyen     Graduate: Gabriel Yette

Title: Investigating the Role of Ezh2 in heart Development and Homeostasis

PI Lab: Kryn Stankunas

Undergraduate: Tabor Whitney     Graduate: Diana Christie

Title: Effects of Relatedness and Habitat Fragmentation on Gut Microbial Diversity in an Endangered Primate

PI Lab: Nelson Ting

Undergraduate: Jardon Weems    Graduate: Nicholas Ponvert

Title: Effect of reward size on the activity of auditory cortical neurons

PI Lab: Santiago Jaramillo

Undergraduate: Carolyn Brewster    Graduate: James McDermott

Title: Nuclear Genetic Regulation of PsbA

PI Lab: Alice Barkan