Undergraduate Research Opportunities at the University of Oregon

The programs and positions listed below are all of the opportunities that we are aware of at the University of Oregon. Many students find research opportunities through coursework, networking, and directly contacting faculty members.  If you are interested in how to get started in research outside of the programs and positions listed below, please see the Getting Started in Research section.

UO Faculty, Postdoc, & Graduate Students Seeking Research Assistants

Research Group or Project TitlePrimary ContactDepartment
Metadata compilation for a global biodiversity surveyStilianos LoucaInstitute of Ecology and Evolution
SNAP Lab Video Coder RAAndrea ImhofStress Neurobiology and Prevention Research Lab
RENEW Lab Research AssistantssNichole KellyCounseling Psychology and Human Services
CAPS Lab Coding Research AssistantCarrie ScholtesCoaching Alternative Parenting Strategies Lab
CAPS Lab Summer Research AssistantFelicia GutierrezCoaching Alternative Parenting Strategies Lab
Neutral models in microbial ecologyStilianos LoucaInstitute of Ecology and Evolution
Japanese Macaque Social BehaviorKylen GartlandAnthropology
Global Health Biomarker LabAlicia DeLouizeBiological Anthropology
Zooarchaeological Fish Reference CollectionPhilippa JorissenArchaeology
Landmarking TaliAileen FernandezBiological Anthropology
Evolutionary Approach to Mammalian Skeletal Muscle Fiber Type RatiosSamantha QueenoBiological Anthropology
Primate Osteology LabColin BrandBiological Anthropology
Oregon Zooarchaeology LabHannah WellmanArchaeology
Shape Changes Associated with Age in Adult Baboon SkullsEvan SimonsBiological Anthropology
Transcription for Decolonial EthnographyAnnie CarusoCultural Anthropology

UROP Affiliated Opportunities

Other UO Opportunities